Looking to enhance your time on the water?

O’Leary Building Centre is proud to offer and install Wave Armor’s superior products including modular floating dock systems, boat ports and floating PWC systems. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing to the eye, Wave Armor products are innovative, durable, functional and environmentally friendly.

The docks and PWC ports feature superior design elements and integrate together with ease, allowing you to configure the dock that you have always dreamed of.

Have an idea for your dream dock in mind? Check out the Wave Armor Dock Builder and build your vision. Take it to us and we can provide you with all of the information you need!

Wave Armor Docks

Wave Armor product details:

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Wave Armor products are moulded from high impact polyethylene with maximum UV protection, and feature a proprietary flagstone textured finish
  • The floating dock systems, boat ports and PWC ports are environmentally friendly and integrate together with ease, using Wave Armor’s patented H-Beam connection system

For more details, give Tanner a call at (902) 206-4581 or send him an email at e2eae081qO666HeOX_5bpJrmbOpvgD.DO|.

O’Leary Building Centre’s Wave Armor Warehouse